Monday, 23 January 2012

hey ho! wanna treat any menu of pasta for CNY 2012?

Happy Chinese New Year 2012!! that we believed tahun naga air yang banyak kelebihan or something yang baik2. huhu..almost that is kepercayaan bagi bangsa yg mnymbut tahun baru cina.  **owh..idk well about that.

owh..while watching tv.,my fav show "Chef at Home" tonite..nampak gaya dh btukar chef., now with Chef Micheal Smith. hahaha..pdh jak.,bukan kenal pun. :p hehe.. making pizza at home. but it just remind me with pasta. :Spaghetti Bolognise  **yes..spaghetti ya 'spesis' pasta juak. :D spesis?? hahahaa

Basic Boiled Pasta

2 lt water
250 gm dry pasta (Spaghetti)
1 tbsp olive oil
To taste oil


  1. Bring the water and the salt to a rolling boil in large pot. Add the Olive oil to the water.
  2. Plunge pasta into seasoned boiling water. In the initial state of boiling, stir the pasta to separate and prevent clogging.
  3. Cook pasta al dente stage (firm to bite) 12-15 minutes.
  4. Once cooked, drain pasta well in the colander and refresh in iced water to cold running water before used.
**untuk memastikan spaghetti ya cukup masak., test baling g dinding..mun melekat.,cukup masak la ya. 'spor' bak kata org. just for sharing...coz ya la dbljar d kitchen..hahaha..

okay kuah for spaghetti.. i choose bolognise sauce.,if mushroom sauce later i'll share d resepi.

Bolognise Sauce

50 gm butter
2 cloves garlic
150 gm mirepoix (lobak, bwg bsr n salary) -cara sebut "marapoa"..which lobak.,bawang besar n salary dipotong besar2 n di masak kaedah saute. Saute mean..msak guna butter..hurmmm..**igtkan senang mk jadi xplain pun dh susah. ~_~
350 gm minced beef 
30 gm tomato paste
30 gm tomato puree
500 ml brown stock (50 gm+ 1 liter air) 
10 gm spices ( thyme, oregano, bay leaf) 
A pinch salt
A pinch pepper


  1. Melt the butter in a pan, saute chopped garlic until fragrant.
  2. Put in the mirepoix and the all the spices, stir until it soft.
  3. Put in the minced beef, tomato  paste, and tomato puree.
  4. Pour in the brown stock, simmer until the gravy is a little bit thick.
  5. Season with salt and pepper.
tadaaa...easy n simple ryte..kalau sedap or x.,ya depend dgn org yg mmsak nya. hehe..