Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012??

about my new year...nothing there...enough to explain when my bff post tis pic..:)

a lot of meaning right?.....

what i want for my new year is to get a happiness..sure you do so..

"Even if I choose not to decide , I still have
made a choice . Life is about making choices "

yes..its true...coz..

"life will be so much better if we mind our own business"

Life is short but at the short time we've been a lot of adventures and we'll be testified by a places that full of lies and seduction called the world.
one of the test is some kind of emotion that can changes everything.
It called LOVE.
it lived inside us since we were born.
waiting for the times that we'll used to share it with someone closed and important to us.
it'll need a lots of patience.
because when the 1st time it came to us,you'll saw a hope and you'll confidentally thinked that you can do it.
but unconciously,the time have passed and we didn't realized,it will be slowly try to dissappears n leave us when we take a wrong way to bring them to our side.
nothing will do to make our love gone if we and our love one trust to each other and believed that we can through everything together.
i'm always try to remind myself that i can do it.
whatever it takes and whatever will do.
i'll do the best for the one i love.
But as a human being,i can't run from do something wrong and make a mistake.
From the time to time,i did try to changed my self.
i hope,he will stayed by my side.
trust me,and i'll be by your side..

there the way i've a happiness..share my life n d happiness with my loved one.


even we dun know what will happen for d next month..a year or d next life.